brings together children who are either ill with cancer or in remission, children who have parents that has been diagnosed with cancer, and children with serious illness..

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A Five-Day Camp every October

For five days, we provide the children with opportunity to interact with other children of similar pain so that, while they see that they are not alone in their troubles, they also develop a bond that will help sustain them throughout their troubled future. They also have activities that allow them to interact with caring adults who can help be their anchors.

Support Group Sessions

Support Group Sessions for the Children, their Siblings and Parents The gains of the camp can only be fully enjoyed if the children’s home environment become a productive setting for them. Thus we conduct support group sessions for the kids’ siblings and parents on different occasions, so that the whole family can provide the children with an ideal home setting within their shattered lives. The children are likewise provided with support group sessions among themselves.

Endowment Fund to Assure Continuity

We are working towards building an endowment fund for Suntown Camp so that the foundation can be assured of continued funds for its worthwhile programs, without its members bearing the burden of fund solicitation for every activity throughout the year. It is our dream that someday, it can sustain its activities, as well as increase its capability to serve more beneficiaries, on earnings from its endowment fund.