About Us

brings together children who are either ill with cancer or in remission, children who have parents that has been diagnosed with cancer, and children with serious illness.

The Camp allows the children to understand and accept their situation, express their feelings, and see that they are not alone in their struggles.  They spend time together with children sharing a similar journey, in a fun, healthy and loving atmosphere.  At the camp they make new friends and discover new interests within a community of caring adults who provide them needed attention to boost their self-esteem.

The Children Cancer Foundation also organizes support group activities that have become the kids life companion as they face their difficult journey in the future

If you share the heart and the vision of Suntown Camp Foundation, Inc. you can help give a little sun into the oftentimes dark life of the kids by:

  • Sponsoring a child in the upcoming Suntown Camp
  • Share a financial blessing with Suntown Camp
  • Volunteer to assist any of the activities of Suntown Camp